1. Buying power – lower rates
Buying media for over two dozen accounts, the agency has considerable clout in the West Michigan market. With agency bulk rates, timely buying and special packages, our rates average 10-30% less than buying direct.

2. Objective media buying
Unlike account representatives from various media, we have no allegiance to any particular source. This allows us to custom tailor your advertising to your specific target market and needs.

3. Informed local media purchases
With changing radio formats, new television programming and the growing tsunami of internet and website advertising; the media is changing dramatically. Our agency continuously monitors media trends to ensure an objective well-targeted market approach.

4. Convenience
No need to make dozens of calls to set up a media buy. No need to sort through dozens of bills at the end of a campaign. Our agency handles all media buying, creative and billing. We are your one‑stop advertising source.